NobleOak supports People Power with new CommPow partnership

Date Published 15/05/2017


CommPow partnership


NobleOak has partnered with CommPow to provide great value Life insurance to members as well as help raise funds to reinvest in schools.

Consistent Philosophies

One of the contributing factors to entering into this arrangement was the close alignment between CommPow’s philosophy of giving something back to the community and our philosophy of looking after our members and customers.

The Druids

NobleOak was established in 1877 as a Friendly Society, having been formed for the mutual benefit of members, giving support where it was most needed – like helping with sick pay, funeral benefits and the supply of medical attention and medicines. In fact, the origins of NobleOak go back to the Ancient Order of Druids (AOD) whose guiding principles were justice, benevolence and friendship. Today, NobleOak continues to operate within the spirit of the AOD with a genuine desire to better protect Australians and their loved ones.

NobleOak provides award-wining Life insurance cover directly to consumers. This cover is fully underwritten, meaning medical and health information is collected during the application. The benefit is greater certainty at claim time. NobleOak is able to keep the costs of insurance down by not paying adviser commissions passing these savings on to members of CommPow.

Further Information

Further information including the PDS is available at or by calling NobleOak on 1300 041 494.


Please note that the information we provide is not advice but general information only. Please refer to our PDS for further information.

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