Who we are

At NobleOak, our vision is to help Australians protect themselves and their loved ones by providing the best value Life and Income Protection insurance available.

NobleOak was established in 1877. We are a demutualised friendly society regulated by APRA, and our products are backed by a top 3 global reinsurer for extra security.

Our offer is unique. We provide comprehensive cover at a lower cost, with award winning personal service.  As we do not spend money on expensive mass marketing or pay large upfront commissions to advisers, we pass savings to you through lower premiums and invest in better service.  It’s a simple business model that provides our clients with far better value.

What we cover

We offer a range of cover types to protect you against the financial impacts of accidents, death and sickness. This includes:

Our Life Insurance Calculator can help you work out how much of each cover type you need – giving you a personalised report you can use to compare Life insurance products.

You can apply for NobleOak Life insurance directly over the phone or online. Our products are also accessible through financial advisers and selected business partners. How to apply.

What we believe

We believe Australians deserve better
We believe that for many of us, Life insurance is a need, not a want. For too long you’ve had to pay too much for quality Life insurance to protect yourself and your family. Not anymore.

We believe you should feel confident at claim time
We believe Life insurance should be done right from the start, and you should know what you are covered for. We ask you a few more health and lifestyle questions at application time, so you have greater certainty at claim time.

We believe in keeping you happy
We don’t pay high upfront commissions to advisers and limit our marketing costs, so we can provide better personal service, secure cover and lower premiums. It’s not rhetoric. We really do put you first.

We believe in a good night’s sleep
Our products have no hidden clauses or tricks. We simply provide great value, comprehensive Life insurance so you can sleep more comfortably at night.

Our values

NobleOak recruits high performers with a genuine desire to make a difference and provide better protection to Australians. Each person at NobleOak lives by the values below:

i) Nobility

We put our clients first at all times.  And we always offer genuine value. We are here to protect Australians with better cover, by making Life insurance more accessible and affordable.

ii) Simplicity

We use simple, clear communication at all times and avoid jargon. We aim to make getting Life insurance and Income Protection easier and faster and explain the process clearly to our clients. Our PDSs (Product Disclosure Statements) are written clearly with no tricks and we provide professional, friendly, and fast service.

iii) Adaptability

We are responsive to and drive positive change continually to ensure our clients get the best service and products they can. We continually improve and learn and are prepared to try new things.

iv) Delivery

We deliver results, not excuses. This includes both to our clients and to each other.  When we say we are going to do something, we do it.

Our history

The Ancient Order of Druids (AOD) was founded in London, England, in 1781 and still operates today. The AOD is guided by the principles of justicebenevolence and friendship.

The term ‘druids’ is in reference to the ancient druids who were members of the educated, professional class among the Celtic peoples of Gaul, Britain, Ireland, and elsewhere during the Iron Age. Winston Churchill was a member of the Albion Lodge of the Ancient Order of Druids of Oxford.

The first Australian Druids Lodge was established in Victoria in 1851 by Mr James Hymen. The NSW Ancient Order of Druids followed shortly after, and in 1861 it became one of Australia’s earliest insurers. The NSW AOD went on to become a friendly society in August 1868 and an established mutual society in 1877.

To this day, NobleOak continues to operate within the spirit of the AOD, with a genuine desire to provide our clients with good value Life insurance and Income Protection products to better protect them and their families.

NobleOak continues to offer quality comprehensive
Life and Income Protection insurance at a low cost.