Can I apply for cover if I am already ill or injured?

Yes, if you have pre-existing conditions you can still apply for cover. You may have to undergo medical examinations and you will need to fully disclose any pre-existing conditions as part of your application, but these don’t rule out your eligibility.

Depending on the specific condition and the information we have, NobleOak may offer to:

  • cover the pre-existing condition,
  • exclude your pre-existing condition from your cover, or
  • cover the condition for a higher premium.

For example, in her application, Marjory disclosed that she suffers migraines and moderate back pain.

As the migraines were deemed by her medical practitioner to be infrequent and only resulted in two days off work at most, and her back pain was managed with yoga and exercise, her cover was not affected. However, Marjory’s husband Harold had suffered from asthma and respiratory illnesses since he was a child.

NobleOak offered to fully include them in return for higher premiums.