When might a claim not be paid?

At NobleOak, eligible claims are paid promptly when you answer all questions truthfully and completely during the application process.

A claim may not be eligible if it relates to a specific exclusion. For example, if motorized water sports are excluded, then a claim for an accident incurred while racing your personal water craft may not be paid.

Also, if you have not complied with your duty of disclosure and failed to provide us with relevant information either in your application or subsequently, your claim may be reduced or not be paid at all.

For example, if Bruce omits to tell us about his pre-existing cardiac health issues in his application and then, once covered, suffers a heart attack, his claim for benefits will not be eligible and will not be paid. If Bruce had disclosed his health issues on application, then depending on severity, NobleOak may have offered him cover, but at a higher premium.