What does it mean if my cover has an exclusion?

Exclusions are the conditions under which a benefit will not be payable to you, being either a general exclusion within the conditions of the insurance, or a specific exclusion agreed with you at the time of application.

A claim cannot be made on an excluded pre-existing medical condition, or for an injury sustained from participating in an excluded high risk activity. For example, Brian discloses in his application for Total and Permanent Disability Insurance that he participates in sky-diving on the weekends. As sky-diving is considered a high-risk pastime, it will either be excluded from Brian’s insurance cover, or included but incurring a higher premium.

Different insurance companies may have a variety of exclusions to lessen their risk. At NobleOak we try to keep exclusions to a minimum. For example, our Life Insurance has only one general exclusion, being that suicide is excluded in the first 13 months of cover.