Do I need TPD Insurance?

Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD) Insurance is a popular and important type of cover that is often purchased as an optional extra with Life Cover.

While Life Cover provides financial protection for your family in the event of your death, and Income Protection Insurance can provide cover if you can’t return to work temporarily, TPD Insurance is there to help you if you become severely disabled and unable to ever work again.

Having this type of cover in place can help ensure your family will not be left with a major financial burden. For example, a TPD Insurance benefit may be used to ensure:

  • major debts such as the home mortgage, credit cards and personal loans can be paid out
  • you can afford to move home or make modifications to your existing home
  • you can pay for ongoing care and medical costs.

How TPD Cover can help

At the age of 45, Bernard suffered a severe stroke. As Bernard experienced significant permanent and residual medical effects, he was deemed unable to ever return to work in his previous occupation as an accountant.

Fortunately, Bernard had included TPD Insurance with his Life Cover. He made a claim and received a payment of the full sum insured of $1.5 million.

This money allowed Bernard to pay off his mortgage, invest funds to ensure an ongoing income stream for himself and his family, and complete some modifications to his home to allow him better access with his disability. He also set aside some money to take care of future medical and rehabilitation expenses.

Benefits of NobleOak’s TPD Insurance

High cover levels

You can apply for up to $5 million cover for total and permanent disability, without having to go through a financial adviser. That’s much higher than most direct insurers.

Low premiums

We don’t pay fees or upfront commissions to advisers. That means lower premiums for you.

Fully underwritten cover

We take the time to get to know you upfront, so we can tailor your cover and premium. Giving you more certainty at claim time.


Please note that the information we provide is not advice but general information only.