What does the Financial Advice Benefit cover?

Most of us are not used to receiving large lump-sum payments. Such payments require careful management to provide for you and your family’s immediate and future needs. Financial planning can be even harder to come to grips with during a distressing time of shock or bereavement.

At NobleOak we understand that you or your estate may need some professional assistance to ensure that the proceeds of a Life Cover, TPD Insurance, or Trauma (Recovery) Insurance claim payment are managed appropriately.

If NobleOak pays a benefit of more than $200,000 for one of these claims, we will reimburse the cost, up to $2,000, of engaging a qualified financial advisor to help you prepare a financial plan for managing the payment.

Financial Advice Benefit is only payable once in respect of the life insured. Evidence that the advice has been received and paid for must be provided to NobleOak within 6 months of the Life, Trauma or TPD benefit payment.