What does the Nursing Care Benefit cover?

If you become totally disabled and confined to bed during the waiting period, and a doctor certifies that you need full-time care from a registered nurse for more than three consecutive days, you will be eligible for the Nursing Care Benefit.

NobleOak will pay a daily proportion of your Total Disablement Benefit towards your nursing care costs while the care continues, up to the end of the waiting period.

The nursing care must be provided by a registered nurse and not a friend, relative or employee.

For example, Bill suffers a major stroke and is hospitalized for 12 days. His NobleOak Income Protection means that he is entitled to a Nursing Care Benefit after his first three days in hospital. His Nursing Care Benefit will therefore be 9 days’ worth of his monthly benefit. As Bill’s monthly benefit will be $4,500, his Nursing Care Benefit will be $1,350.

Assuming Bill is still totally disabled, his full monthly benefit will commence monthly in arrears after the end of his waiting period.