What is ‘own occupation’ Total and Permanent Disability Insurance?

If the ‘own occupation’ definition applies to your TPD Insurance, then you are covered if your disablement makes it unlikely that you will ever again engage in your own occupation.

NobleOak gives you the option of the ‘own’ or ‘any’ occupation definition when applying for your TPD Insurance. ‘Own occupation’ provides you with the highest opportunity to receive benefits, reflected in higher premiums for this type of cover.

Own occupation TPD Insurance is usually bought by specialised white-collar professions. For example, Patricia is a cardiac surgeon who develops debilitating arthritis in her hands and, as a result, is declared no longer capable of performing surgery. As she has opted for Total and Permanent Disability Insurance using the ‘own occupation’ definition, she will receive her benefit payment, even though she is capable and qualified to go into another line of work, like teaching or management.