Does Trauma Insurance cover Stroke

When you purchase Life Insurance with NobleOak, you can also apply for separate cover in the form of Trauma Insurance.

Trauma Insurance can provide crucial financial support if you are diagnosed with one of the 38 listed medical conditions – one of the most common of which is stroke.

What is a stroke?

A stroke happens when blood supply to the brain is interrupted. According to the National Stroke Foundation (NSF), there are two main ways that a stroke can occur:

  • Blood may be interrupted or stop moving through an artery when the artery is blocked (ischaemic stroke), or
  • When the artery bursts (haemorrhagic stroke).

About four out of every five strokes are ischaemic.

According to the NSF stroke is responsible for more deaths in Australia than Breast and Prostate Cancer, and is also a leading cause of disability. One in six people will have a stroke during their lifetime.

How it can affect your life

Stroke will affect every sufferer differently depending on its type, location, area of brain permanently damaged, and the person’s general health. However, NSF figures show that 65% of those living with the effects of a stroke suffer disability which impedes their ability to carry out their daily living activities unassisted.

Early treatment is vital for all forms of stroke. Drugs can be administered to break down blood clots and give the patient the best chance of recovery.

The Better Health Channel also suggests lifestyle changes to minimise the occurrence or recurrence of stroke – primarily a reduction of smoking and alcohol intake, along with regular exercise and a balanced diet.

NobleOak’s Trauma Insurance can help

NobleOak’s Trauma Insurance pays a lump sum up to $2 million if you are diagnosed with one of the listed 38 medical conditions outlined in the PDS – regardless of whether or not it can be successfully treated.

A Trauma Insurance payment can be used however you like. For example, you may need this money to:

  • pay for medical treatments including specialists, hospitals, and Medicare or health insurance gaps
  • pay household bills and expenses
  • clear your debts or get ahead in your mortgage payments
  • replace your partner’s income if they take time off work to provide care
  • hire additional help with housework or child care.

Is Trauma Insurance right for you?

If you and your family are likely to experience financial stress if you suffered a serious illness, then Trauma Insurance should be an important consideration for you. Commencing Trauma Insurance while you are healthy will help minimise the premium costs.



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