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Occupation Category Definitions

Professional - University Qualified, Income Over $150K
University qualified professionals such as doctors, dentists, and white collar workers who are solely office based and earning at least $150,000 per annum.
White collar
Occupations that are office based with no manual work, eg. clerical roles or administrative roles such as bank teller, computer analyst, radiographer.
Light blue collar
Occupations which are primarily non-manual but may involve light manual duties only, some site visits eg. hairdresser, shop assistant, florist, nurses.
Medium blue collar
Occupations that involve a moderate degree of manual work that have recognised trade qualifications eg. electrician, mechanic, carpenter.
Heavy blue collar
Heavy manual occupations or those with a degree of additional risk of disability, eg. boilermaker, gardener, tyre fitter, welder.
Any other occupations that are not listed.
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