Got Wanderlust? Get Top Tips For How To Travel Like A Pro

There are many simple measures you can take to help keep you safe and travel like a pro.

Sebastian Paulin

21 November 2017 - 5 minute read

Australia is a nation of travellers. We take around 10 million trips overseas each year, and many of us live abroad. But travel can be a risky business.

Perhaps it comes from living on the only inhabited island continent, but it seems most Australians are born with itchy feet. Millions of us spread our wings to explore the world beyond our borders every year.

In doing so, many travellers are exposed to unforeseen risks including sickness, personal injury, natural disasters and terrorism. But there are many simple measures you can take to help keep you safe and travel like a pro.

Research your destination before you leave home

The Australian Government recommends all travellers check current travel advice, which it maintains for more than 170 destinations on the Smartraveller website. The advisory’s website highlight potential threats to security, safety and health that you could face at your destination, and provides advice on local laws that may differ from those at home. You should also seek out information from guidebooks, current news and online resources.

Travel to areas that are clearly unsafe, whether due to political unrest or natural disasters, is strongly discouraged. Many travel insurance policies will not cover you if you’re heading to one of these destinations.

Make sure your Insurance is up to date

Make sure that your travel insurance will cover you for the entire duration of your trip – including any activities you intend to try while you are away from home. You might find that travel insurers are reluctant to cover you for that scuba diving adventure you’ve always dreamed about. Check your policy’s exclusions so you know exactly what’s covered.

Many people don’t realise that their travel insurance won’t cover them if they become sick, injured or die as a result of a terrorist attack overseas.  Some Life Insurances may, so long as you’re not travelling to a high risk destination. By having Life Insurance in place before travelling, you’ll have added security and peace of mind while you’re away.

For complete peace of mind while you’re on the trip of a lifetime, you may also want to think about Total and Permanent Disability Insurance, which provides a benefit in case of serious injury or illness which leads to never being able to work again.

Organise your passport and visas

Make sure that your passport is valid for at least six months after your intended date of return to Australia. The last thing you want is to rock up at the airport and be denied entry through immigration.

Get your vaccinations

Some countries require proof of vaccination against endemic diseases before you cross their borders. For example, proof of yellow fever vaccine is required for entry to some parts of Africa, South and Central America and the Caribbean. Make sure you check the travel advice for your destination. Your doctor should be able to advise on other recommended vaccinations – typhoid and hepatitis A are common travel vacs – that will help protect against disease and ensure you enjoy the holiday of a lifetime.

Plan ahead

Careful planning can lead to a hassle-free trip. Think about what you need to take, and whether you can whittle it down to a carry-on bag to save waiting around – and the risk of lost luggage – at the baggage claim. Booking accommodation and airport transfers ahead of time will give you time to relax and enjoy your holiday. Make sure you have some local currency and access to extra funds. Take copies of your travel documents, in case of loss or theft, and carry extra passport photos.

Finally, don’t forget to leave a copy of your itinerary with a loved one at home, just in case they need to get in touch with you.

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