Great Ways to Help Shore Up Funds for That Next Holiday

Being able to manage your money appropriately is a learned skill that we often don’t utilise until we’re in a moment of need. Surely, we’d all agree that saving money is a difficult venture, especially when putting money away for travel. Especially if its travel that you need. Travel that’s hard earned. Travel that will help you relax, reset, and recharge.

But not all hope has to be lost when looking at your bank. Luckily for all of us, there are some creative ways to save for your next travel trip.

Scan Through Your Entire Bank Account

Commit a couple of hours to thoroughly scanning through your bank and getting to the bottom of where your cash is being spent. Some of us may not have hours, but these days there are great mobile apps like PocketBook  that automatically categorise your transaction for you, and with a quick scan, you can find out where your hard earn dollars are going.

Distinguish A Need From A Want

Do you really need those new shoes or that new coffee machine right now? Sometimes we justify our unnecessary spending by calling what we purchased a ‘need’. Granted, sometimes that new purchase seems logical – especially if it is on sale. Always have budget to treat yourself, that’s a must, but have quick scan of your recent spending before you dive in.

Start Eating In

Remember when had you had couple of glasses of wine at dinner last Wednesday? And let’s not forget the all-you-can-eat dumplings on Saturday. Already that’s a solid seventy to eighty dollars from your weekly budget on two meals alone. Imagine how far your money could be spread if you cooked for yourself and ate in more. Better yet, imagine the dining alfresco at your next holiday destination. Great trade off? Indeed it is.

Forgotten Treasures

Have you ever gone through your cupboard or storage, and stumbled across things you had forgotten about? Selling the bike that has been gathering dust or that slow cooker that got tucked away at the back of the pantry is a great way shore up funds. Not only will your place feel less cluttered, but you’ll also have a nice pocket of money to put towards your travel. That’s a double win.

Get Entrepreneurial

If you have particular skills that would be of benefit to others, you could see if freelancing would fit the bill. By doing this you’re able to essentially choose your own hours, perfect if you’re already working full time. Putting your talents to work could be a fantastic way to build up your funds.


Sebastian Paulin

02 August 2018 - 5 minute read