Existing customers – for more information regarding recent changes to your Income Protection or TPD insurance please click here

Existing customers – for more information regarding recent changes to your Income Protection or TPD insurance please click here

Older Australians Less Likely To Have Life Insurance

New research has revealed that older Australians continue to be least likely to have Life/Death cover. The 2018 NobleOak Life Insurance Survey found 53% of older Australians, aged 55 – 60, are likely to have Life/Death cover compared to 30-34 year-olds (72%) and 35-44 year-olds (68%). The survey of more than a thousand people also … Continued

What Would You Let Go If Times Get Tough?

If you lost some or all of your income or financial support for an extended period of time what expenses would you cut back first? This was the question we asked over 1,000 Australians in the 2018 annual NobleOak survey into consumer behaviour and Life Insurance. The research, conducted in December 2018, showed that entertainment … Continued

Tragic Events – Likelihood vs Reality l NobleOak Whitepaper 2019

When it comes to people’s fears we wanted to find out how these compared to the likelihood of the events occurring. In new research conducted in December 2018 fear of getting cancer stood out as the major concern for respondents. The research, commissioned by NobleOak and conducted amongst over 1,000 Australians in December 2018, asked … Continued

Paying Claims – Confidence still high l NobleOak Whitepaper

In the wake of the findings from the Banking Royal Commission, we wanted to find out what the impact would be, if any, on peoples’ attitudes to Life Insurance. Our research, conducted in December 2018, showed that consumer confidence in life insurers paying claims has remained stable in spite of the findings of the Banking … Continued

Value Still Most Important Consideration l NobleOak Whitepaper 2019

When buying Life Insurance, switching or renewing cover, the cost of premiums is still the No.1 consideration for people. This is the finding from independent research commissioned by NobleOak conducted in December 2018. Price continues to be the most important factor when consumers purchase Life Insurance, nominated by 82.0% of respondents. In a question which … Continued

DIY Life Insurance Gains Traction over Advice l NobleOak Whitepaper

More and more consumers are taking control when it comes to buying life insurance. This is the findings from the third annual survey from NobleOak. The research, commissioned in December 2018 amongst over 1,000 respondents, found that 48.2% of Australians are not willing to pay anything for financial advice with respect to Life Insurance. Consumers … Continued

Will the Royal Commission impact Life Insurance? NobleOak Whitepaper 2019

For the past three years NobleOak has surveyed more than 1,000 Australians to better understand the impact of technology on consumer behavior and the Life Insurance industry generally. In this year’s survey we also asked people about the impact of the Banking Royal Commission including how confident they were that the issues identified into Life … Continued

Women see Life Insurance as more important than men

The latest NobleOak survey shows more women (67%) have Life Insurance than men (43%) proving women prioritise the safety and well being of their family. Despite on average earning less than men, and making up the largest percentage of the part-time workforce, it’s evident women see the importance of Life Insurance and Income Protection Insurance … Continued

Which Expenses Get the Chop in Tough Times?

New research reveals which household expenses Australians are most likely to cut back first. In a recent survey, NobleOak asked over 1,000 Australian adults to prioritise the expenses they would cut back on if they lost some or all of their income for an extended period of time. It’s hardly surprising that discretionary expenses like … Continued

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