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New TV ads are rolling out as part of NobleOak’s “nobility” ad campaign.

NobleOak launched its new “nobility” TV and social media advertising campaign in late 2019. This campaign positions NobleOak as the alternative in the complex world of life insurance.

The ads introduce a modern-day nobleman and follows his day-to-day antics with his footman ‘Bletchley’ and has been a popular campaign for NobleOak. The two new advertisements now launching include a 30 second “nobility” ad, and a 15 second “awards” ad.

They will be aired in selected TV shows over the coming months, on Channel 7 and SBS. The ads feature two comedic actors who were able to ad lib during filming to capture some quality comic moments while reinforcing a serious message about trust in the industry.

Tony Singleton, Mr Wolf managing partner, said in a statement: “By harnessing a firmly tongue-in-cheek embodiment of the NobleOak nobleman we can establish brand linkage and memorability, while attaching a set of noble values to the brand reflective of a largely lost, more trustworthy world.” Nobility
I hope you enjoy the ads. They are linked below for your viewing.

  1. NEW – 30 Second “NobleMan” advertisement
  2. NEW – 15 second “Awards” advertisement