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Partner with NobleOak

NobleOak distributes our Life insurance and Income Protection insurance products through a number of alliance partners – including affinity groups, associations, credit unions, building societies and non-bank lenders.

  • Flexibility to white-label our products.
  • Ability to offer special NobleOak rates.
  • Leverage NobleOak’s comprehensive range of products.
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NobleOak distributes our Life insurance and Income Protection insurance products through a number of quality financial advisers and accountants.

  • Flexibility to white-label our products.
  • Level commission or fee for service only.
  • Competitive premiums and comprehensive products.
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Why partner with NobleOak?


We focus on distributing our products through alliance partners with a consistent philosophy of looking after members and clients – providing an alternative to dominant banks and foreign-owned businesses. NobleOak focuses on working with alliance partners with less than 500,000 clients and members that value our personalised service, great value products and lack of channel conflict.


Our focused team is flexible and responsive to meet your individual needs.

Leading products

We have a portfolio of leading Life insurance products with very competitive pricing that is simple for you to implement. We can build and tailor products quickly to meet your needs if required.


We are not owned by a bank or large insurer, and we don’t own any distribution networks (such as adviser firms), so we have minimal channel conflict.


We only deal with Life insurance products and have been doing so for a very long time.

Service culture

As a friendly society, our core philosophy is about looking after members and clients – ensuring they always receive excellent value, honest products and great service from our locally-based service team.


We have a strong history with over 137 years in Australia. We are APRA and ASIC-regulated and our products are reinsured by top 3 global reinsurer Hannover Life Re, which has a ‘very strong’ S&P rating.

How do we choose our partners?

Finding alliance partners and advisers who truly believe in looking after the interests of their members and clients is very important to us. We believe there must be mutual benefit, so when assessing potential alliance partners we will prioritise by:

  1. The affinity and connection you have with your clients or members.
  2. How complementary your products, brand and business philosophy are to NobleOak.
  3. The potential size of the benefit to your clients/members and business.
  4. How well our cultures and beliefs match.
  5. The level of commitment to make the partnership a success.

Becoming a NobleOak partner

If you are interested in pursuing an alliance with NobleOak, or you have any questions about how it could work, please contact:

Head of sales and business development
Phone – (612) 9299 7851

Our business partners

In addition to our valued distribution partners and adviser partners outlined above, NobleOak also works with a number of leading business partners. These business partners support us in delivering our vision to better protect Australians with high quality, affordable and accessible Life and Income Protection insurance. Some of our key partners are listed below.

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Deloitte provides annual external statutory audit services to NobleOak Life Ltd.

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KPMG provides ongoing actuary services to NobleOak Life Ltd.

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PKF provides annual internal audit services to NobleOak Life Ltd.

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Ebix provides ongoing administration platform services to NobleOak Life Limited.

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Hannover Re provides ongoing reinsurance services to NobleOak Life Ltd.

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Swiss Re provides ongoing reinsurance services to NobleOak Life Ltd.