Simple Exercise Workouts You Can Do Virtually Anywhere

We all know that keeping fit is important for overall health and wellbeing, being in good health can also help to ensure you get the best deal on your Life insurance and optional covers such as Trauma or Income Protection.

Anthony R Brown - CEO NobleOak Life Ltd

Anthony R Brown - CEO NobleOak Life Ltd

01 February 2016 - 5 minute read

If you are finding it difficult to attend the gym for some reason – such as lack of time, or simply because you don’t enjoy it – there are plenty of simple cardio exercises you can do just about anywhere and incorporate into your daily routine. Exercise at a local park or in your garden, inside your home, or a hotel room – won’t cost you anything other than some kilojoules.

Exercise intensity

According to the Better Health Channel, you should aim for 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise on most days, combined with moving about more generally during the day. ‘Moderate intensity’ refers to reaching 50% to 70% of your maximum heart rate. The general rule is 220 beats per minute (bps), minus your age. So for a 20-year-old, 50%-70% of the maximum heart rate would be 100-140bps. For someone at 65, it would be around 78-110 bps.

A simple indication that you are exercising at moderate intensity is if you can talk during your workout, but you can’t sing.

Workout examples

There are many simple exercises you can do without equipment, such as these from Better Health Channel. Suggestions include:

  • Walking in your local area. If you’re just beginning, start out with slow walking over short distances and gradually increase the speed and distance over time. The walk can be broken up with lunges or stretches if you want. If you have a dog to walk that’s all the better and if you’re a mum at home you could always take the pram if that suits.
  • Jogging up and down steps. If jogging is too hard at this stage you can always start out with what you can manage. After all some movement is better than non at all.
  • Adding informal exercise. Exercise does not always have to be formalised and you could try doing some indoor exercise while you are doing other activities. For instance, walk up the stairs instead of using the elevator at work, do some dance steps while doing the housework and some squats while watching television.

Apartment cardio

Another simple low-impact cardio workout comes from Fitness Blender. They call it the ‘Apartment Cardio’ because it can be done quietly in a small space with neighbours nearby, while still giving you an excellent workout by toning the body and promoting agility.

This full workout burns around 25kj to 38kj per minute and lasts for 22 minutes, providing the capacity to burn considerable kilojoules.

There are 10 sets of exercises with each running for 50 seconds. They include:

  • Torso twists with kicks.
  • X squats which are done from one side of the body to the opposite side.
  • Slow squats and hooks – involves very slow squats down and back up while doing hook actions with your arms.
  • Arm and leg balance swings – involves swinging your leg forward and backwards while extending your arm in the opposite direction.

The full set of exercises from this quiet cardio workout can be found at Fitness Blender.

Other types of exercise such as strength training, high intensity interval training and body weight training can also help you to keep active and reach your fitness goals. The important thing with your exercise regime is to enjoy it, as the more you like it the more easily you will be able to keep it up!

It’s always sensible to consult your doctor or health practitioner prior to starting a new exercise program.



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