6 Smart Things To Do Before You Travel

 6 Smart Things To Do Before You Travel

Shannon Trevaskis

23 June 2018 - 5 minute read

 6 Smart Things To Do Before You Travel

Travelling has sort of become the new idea of home-ownership for anyone under 35 these days. And while the two are quite different in themselves, that craving to explore the world, experience new cultures and meet new people is a totally enriching one.

And while you might be on the cusp of a new adventure, planning your next one, or just love travelling in itself, there are some important must-do’s to sort out before you take off.

Know Your Visas

We’ve all heard the stories before about how that friend of a friend lost a whole day in Bolivia because they didn’t have the correct visa. We’re quite blessed in Australia, because we have fairly good relations with most countries when it comes to everything from holiday visas to longer-term overseas stays. Visalink is an absolutely brilliant tool you should be across for all your visa needs. Simply follow the prompts on what country or countries you’re visiting and it will tell you what visa you need to get (if any).

Thank us later.

Go A Bit OTT With Planning

If there’s one thing you should make a bit of a mission it’s your planning. Whether you do it, or someone you’re travelling with does, just make sure it gets done. Create a document that everyone who is going on the trip can view and edit. Gone are the days where you organise absolutely everything via your travel agent, so you can treat this as your main itinerary. Add in all of your flights or transport, where your accommodation is and if you are doing any booked tours, sporting games or events.

Finance, Finance, Finance

Managing cash overseas is quite the task in itself, and not having your finances sorted can often result in extra expenses – and no one wants that. When you’re overseas, sporadic and spontaneous expenses (then converted via exchange rates) can cost a lot more than you might think. So make sure you’ve sussed out your credit or debit card options well in advance so you can order or buy the one you want (there are a plethora these days, and of course every different bank has their own travel card). Some bank card don’t even charge for international ATM withdrawals!

While USD has sort of become the currency of the world when it comes to exchanging, know what currency you need and where the best place to exchange is.

Get Multilingual

While some of you reading this may be fluent in more than one language, there’s probably a decent chance that many of us aren’t fully versed across another language. And while that’s not a bad thing, it can be helpful to know a few phrases in each of the languages you’ll be encountering while away. The popular options here are Duolingo and Babbel, which are both freely available on the relevant app stores. Parlez-vous francais?

Read Up

You’re reading this so kudos, but also expand your wider knowledge about the places you are going to. In the age of the Instagram Influencer, and thousands of travel blogs, there is no shortage of content out there for wherever you’re going. So do some research, read a handful of articles, watch videos and generally get to know where you’re going. Not only will you get up to date with your locations, but also you’ll probably find a bunch of different tips and tricks worth noting. Oh, and the excitement will bounce up a few notches.

Use A Scanner For The First Time In Five Years

In the digital age scanning has become a thing of the past (I honestly cannot remember the last time I even really needed to use one). And while I feel for all of you that have to use one on the daily for work, the trusty scanner is your best friend for being travel-safe. Spend an hour or two in the week leading up to your departure scanning everything – your itinerary, passport, insurance details (hopefully you have taken care of that..), every form of ID you take, and any other important document. It’s a free (or at worst very cheap) way to make sure you have copies of everything should any thing go wrong overseas.

Keep one or two copies of everything with you, and give a copy to some family and friends just to be 100% safe. At the very least, take a photo of everything with your phone camera.


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