Why NobleOak

Quality cover, personal service and low premiums.

Lower premiums

  • Large sum discounts in addition to our competitive premiums
  • Buy direct and don’t pay advice commissions
  • No mass marketing expenses
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Secure cover

  • Quality comprehensive products offering high levels of cover
  • Fully underwritten cover – we ask the questions up front so you know what you are covered for
  • Products with global backing
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Personal service

  • Local personal service
  • Simple and quick claims process
  • Dedicated claims consultant
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Why clients choose NobleOak

  1. Great value

Our Life insurance and Income Protection products have been designed to be simple yet comprehensive where it counts – without the expensive extras you probably don’t need. NobleOak does not invest in large, upfront commissions or mass marketing, and passes savings back to our clients through lower premiums.

  1. Claims excellence

Our Australian-based service team gives you friendly, personal service. And we pride ourselves on making the claims process fast and easy for you.
In the event of a claim, we provide you (or in the case of death, your family) with a dedicated claim consultant to help from beginning to end.

  1. Security

NobleOak has been protecting Australians since 1877. Our products are protected by a global reinsurer, Hannover Life Re, so you know we’ll be there when you need us.

  1. Personal service

As a friendly society, our core philosophy is about looking after our clients – ensuring you always receive excellent value, honest products and great personal service from our Australian based team. Our award winning service is consistently acknowledged with a score of over 98% satisfaction from our existing clients (Pureprofile survey 2016).

  1. Tailored cover

Our products are ‘fully underwritten’. This means we ask you about your health history and lifestyle when you apply for cover, and we tailor your cover and premium to the answers you provide. As long as your answers are honest and complete, your cover will not be subject to additional verification at claim time. This provides you with greater certainty and comfort.

  1. Independence

We are not owned by any bank or large insurer, and we do not own any distribution networks such as adviser firms. Our interest is in helping our clients access comprehensive and affordable Life and Income Protection insurance, with great personal service.

  1. Specialisation

We only offer Life insurance and Income Protection products and have been providing Life insurance and protection solutions to Australians for over 138 years, so we have a proven track record.

  1. Lower premiums

We keep our costs low to save you money. Our clients save an average of 20%* compared to other Life insurance products when purchasing through NobleOak.

Still have questions?

We’re an Award winning Life insurer

2017 CANSTAR Outstanding Value Award

Direct Life Insurance

2017 CANSTAR Outstanding Value Award

Direct Income Protection

2016 CANSTAR Outstanding Value Award

Direct Life Insurance

2016 CANSTAR Outstanding Value Award

Direct Income Protection

I’m interested in a special offer which advertises a discount. How long is my discount valid for?

When purchasing NobleOak Life insurance directly, or through one of our trusted alliance partners, a discount to our retail rates often applies. The discount you receive today is valid for the life of the policy, and will be reflected in your annual premiums at each renewal.

Do you offer stepped or level premiums? How much will premiums increase each year?

Like most Life insurance sold in Australia, our products have stepped premiums. This means your premium will increase by:

Between 0% at younger ages and up to about 10% at older ages each year. These increases reflect the gradual increase in the underlying population mortality/morbidity rates; and

Between 3 – 5% each year due to the increases associated with our built-in indexation feature (designed to ensure your level of cover keeps up with inflation). You can stop indexation of your cover if you prefer.

Do you provide discounts for larger amounts of cover?

Yes. The more cover you take, the greater the discounts. Sometimes, taking extra cover may even result in a lower premium. Our sales specialists can help explain the details of how this process works. Large sum insured discounts are not guaranteed to remain the same forever; for example, if you subsequently reduce your cover the discount may be removed.

How else can the premium rates change?

NobleOak’s premium rates are not guaranteed. This means that we can change the underlying premium rates in the future, such as if claims payments increase by more than we expected. However, we can’t change your rates alone, only for a whole group of similar customers, and providing we give you at least 30 days notice. This is standard across the life insurance industry.

How long does the application process take?

It generally takes around 15-20 minutes to complete the application. The assessment process time can vary, depending on whether any medical information is required, and whether there are any additional requirements (e.g. a medical report from your doctor or short-form medical exams and blood tests for high levels of cover). These requirements will be arranged by us at our cost.

When additional requirements are necessary, the process to finalise our underwriting decision may take between 10-20 working days, depending on how quickly the doctors can provide their reports. At all times, we will manage the requirements for you and keep you informed of the progress of your application.

How much Life insurance cover do I need?

We can’t offer personal advice, but we have developed a Life Insurance Calculator to help you determine what types of insurance and how much insurance you need. By simply answering a few questions you will receive a Free Life Insurance Analysis report.

If you prefer not to use a calculator, a question you could ask yourself when considering how much Life insurance cover you need is:

“How much would my family need to ensure they are not financially disadvantaged upon my death or serious injury?”

One simple way of calculating your Life insurance needs is to review your level of debt and calculate the value of the future income you would need to replace to provide longer term protection for your family.

Why are your premiums so low?

We’re able to provide lower premiums than comparable competitor products as we don’t spend a lot of money on mass advertising, and we don’t pay high upfront commissions to advisers. We pass these savings on to our clients and members.

Who is NobleOak? Why haven’t I heard about NobleOak before?

NobleOak is an independent Life insurer established as a friendly society in 1877. You haven’t seen us on TV because we don’t spend money on expensive advertising or mass marketing. We rely heavily on alliance partners and word of mouth to promote our products and service. This is the reason we are able to pass on such large savings to our clients.

If you have further questions, view all of our FAQs.