Values and history

NobleOak has over a 140 year history with links to an ancient Druid past, guided by integrity.
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Our values

At NobleOak, we pride ourselves on our genuine customer first culture.
Each NobleOak team member lives by our values.


We're here to protect to Australians with better cover. We treat customers the way we want to be treated - with integrity.


We help to make Life Insurance easier to obtain and ensure that our customers know what they are covered for.


We continually drive and respond to positive change to ensure our customers get the best services and products.


We deliver results, not excuses. This includes both to our customers and to each other. When we say we are going to do something, we do it.

Strong values guided by a rich company history

The values of NobleOak are steeped in a rich history with links dating back to the ancient druids, guided by integrity and benevolence.

A proud history

NobleOak traces its roots back to one of the first benevolent societies in Australia. These societies originated with a truly noble purpose – to help families when life threw its worst at them.

Members of the community each contributed a small weekly amount to a communal ‘fund’. When a member of the community got seriously injured, or unfortunately died, the fund provided an essential safety net for their family.
Over one hundred and forty years later, we’re still driven by the same desire to help protect Australians and their families. But we wouldn't exist without our customers. In fact, it's their noble purpose that inspires us.

In a world that often seems increasingly self-centered buying Life Insurance to protect those that you love - when you yourself won't benefit - is a beautiful, selfless act.

It's a truly noble deed that we believe deserves all the support we can give.
A painting of an ancient Druid A painting of an ancient Druid

We believe Australians deserve better

You deserve to feel confident We ask more health and lifestyle questions at application time, giving you more certainty when making a claim.
You deserve great value We put you first, always. We limit costs and commissions to advisers, while providing great service and lower premiums.
You deserve a good night's sleep We aim to avoid overly complex terms. We simply provide great value, comprehensive Life Insurance to you and your family.

Bringing nobility back to Life Insurance

NobleOak's nobleman campaign The creative concept was born from the realisation that taking out Life Insurance is a particularly noble gesture. Insuring your life, when you won’t personally benefit from the payout, is a beautiful, selfless act.
Life Insurance is a particularly noble gesture Multi award-winning NobleOak is bringing the nobility back to life insurance by offering simple, direct, high quality cover, without the all too common trade-off between comprehensive cover and good value.

Australia's most awarded Direct Life Insurer 2020

Our outstanding value products and personal service has resulted in us being the most awarded Direct Life Insurer in 2020.
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Help protect your family with
NobleOak, Australia's most awarded
Direct Life Insurer 2020

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