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5 Stories that may change your mind about considering Life Insurance

21 May 2020

Life Insurance by Life Stage

The choices you make today can impact your long-term health, wealth and happiness. Understand the important role Life Insurance can play in key life events.

For most people, death is a passing thought.

This is especially true when you’re in top form and feel great… Everyone thinks they’re going to live long and prosperous lives. And hopefully, that will indeed be the case.

However, you know that it doesn’t take much for your life to take a sharp turn for the worse.

If you’re unprepared, you risk dragging your entire family into a difficult financial situation.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

That’s why life insurance can play a crucial part in helping to secure your family’s financial future.

With enough coverage, you’re securing a comfortable financial future for your loved ones, even without you being around. They’ll be able to get back on their feet much sooner and continue getting on with living their lives.

The death of a loved one can strike when you least expect it. And it only sounds cliché until it happens to someone.

To highlight the seriousness of the issue, we’re going to present the following true stories.

Story #1 – The Sturdy Window

The story of a Toronto lawyer who had his life cut short after falling off a 24-storey tower onto the concrete courtyard of the TD Centre has become somewhat of a legend.

Here’s what happened.

The lawyer was giving a speech to a few law students in 1993. During the lecture, he thought it was prudent to demonstrate the strength of the building’s windows.

Having done this numerous times in the past, he ran into the windowpane at full throttle and bounced off it. This small attraction, predictably, left the students in awe.

But this time, he ran into the window one too many times. And in the last attempt, he crashed through the frame and plunged 24 floors below.

The official police report stated:

“[Hoy] was showing his knowledge of the tensile strength of window glass and presumably, the glass gave away. I know the frame and the blinds are still there.”

Story #2 – The Revenge Catch

It was business as usual for a group of fishermen in the village of Kanga in Tanzania. Among them was Robert, a 47-year-old fisherman unaware that it was going to be his last day on earth.

Having caught vast quantities of perege fish, they were about to pack up and go home. And it was at this moment that one of the fish took an unexpected leap.

It jumped up from the basin and went straight into Robert’s mouth. His shocked friends stood and watched as the fish slid down his throat.

They rushed him to the hospital, but it was too late. The fish found its way to the chest and he suffocated as a result.

The doctors, however, had to operate regardless to remove the fish from the deceased’s chest.

Story #3 – The Last Wish

History remembers a myriad of unbelievable deaths. You have philosophers who died of laughter and earls succumbed to infections caused by the teeth of decapitated heads, for example.

However, some of these deaths are still notable even today.

James Otis Jr. was a political activist in the newly formed United States in the late 18th century. Some call him one of the most influential Americans of the time, and he was known for his patriotism and passionate speeches.

Unfortunately, he ended his life fairly early. In a spine-tingling fashion, no less.

He stated numerous times that he wanted to die by lightning. He wished for the lightning strike, so much that he called it into existence.

Would you believe that lightning struck the chimney while he was standing by his front door? It travelled through the rafter and ended up striking him dead.

Story #4 – The Killer Hay

Electric Light Orchestra is an English band that rose to fame during the 70s. But after a few decades of inactivity, the group went under the spotlight once more in 2010.

And this time, it wasn’t about music.

That’s because Mike Edwards, a cellist and an early member of the band, died in a bizarre accident. He was riding in his van when a giant bale of hay rolled over out of nowhere and hit it.

As the bale hit the van, Mike swerved into another vehicle and died on the spot. And the 600kg bale left the van crushed.

According to the police report, the bale fell out of a tractor at a nearby farm and rolled all the way into Mike’s van.

Story #5 – The Falling Cow

Death can cross your mind when you lie in bed at night, right? You may worry about getting a heart attack or stroke…

But who would have imagined a death by a cow falling through the ceiling?

That’s what happened to a Brazilian man one hot summer night in 2015. As he fell asleep next to his wife, a cow fell through the roof and directly onto him.

How did that happen?

Well, the cow escaped a nearby farm. When it got to a hill, it stepped over, perhaps unknowingly, to the corrugated roof of the soon-to-be-dead man’s house.

But the story didn’t end there. The man apparently survived the incident but declined to go to the hospital. Unfortunately, he only lasted a few more days before he keeled over and died.

Turn the Unpredictable into the Predictable

As you know, nature works in mysterious ways.

Yes, the chances are low that any of the above would happen to you, but it should still make you wonder how long you have left here on earth.

In Australia, the odds are that you’ll be living a long life. But if you want to be sure that your loved ones will have a degree of financial security if the worst were to happen to you, you shouldn’t think twice about seriously considering your life insurance needs.

With a good life insurance policy and the right amount of cover, you can relax and enjoy every day as it comes in terms of knowing that your loved one’s financial future is provided for. And no lightning bolt, heart attack, or falling cow could take that away.

If you’re interested to read about more stories about the general attitude towards life insurance, take a look at NobleOak’s whitepapers.

The independent research may help you understand more about the importance of getting the right policy. Remember, it’s for your loved ones that you’re taking out a life insurance policy.



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