NobleOak’s Trauma insurance (also known as ‘critical illness cover’ or ‘recovery insurance’) can help to protect you financially against a number of serious medical conditions. NobleOak offers Trauma insurance as either an optional extra to an existing Life insurance policy or as a stand-alone policy.

Importantly, Trauma insurance can pay a lump sum of up to $2 million that can be used to reduce debts, pay out-of-pocket medical expenses and allow you or your partner to take time off work.

Trauma insurance takes the financial pressure off so you can focus on your recovery.

What critical illnesses are covered?

Trauma insurance covers the four most common critical medical conditions – cancer, heart attack, stroke and coronary bypass surgery – plus an additional 34 critical conditions.

Benefits are paid regardless of whether your condition can be successfully treated, and regardless of whether you’re able to work.

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Flexible payment options


Worldwide cover






30 day money
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About NobleOak Trauma insurance

Trauma insurance for your financial security

Up to $2 million in cover paid as a lump sum.

Includes cover for the ‘big 4′ most common medical conditions (accounting for over 90% of trauma claims paid) plus 34 additional conditions.

Fully underwritten. We assess your health upfront so you know exactly what you’re covered for.

Includes cover for the four most common critical medical conditions (accounting for over 90% of trauma claims paid) plus 34 additional conditions.

Cover renewable until age of 70.

Backed by the third largest global re-insurer, Hannover LifeRe.

A dedicated local claims specialist to look after any claim.

We pride ourselves on having paid 100% of all genuine claims.

You need to be an Australian resident between the minimum and maximum ages shown in the below table to be eligible for Premium Life Direct.

Type of

What you are covered for

age at entry

age at entry

expiry age

Life Insurance

Choose up to $15m cover in case you die or become terminally ill, helping you clear your debts and support your family.




Total and Permanent Disability
(TPD) insurance (Optional)

Choose up to $5m cover in case you’re never able to work again because of sickness or injury, helping you modify your home, replace lost income and clear debts.




Trauma insurance
(Optional with Life cover or as a stand-alone cover)

Choose up to $2m cover in case you suffer a serious listed medical condition, helping you pay your treatment expenses and adjust your lifestyle.




Income Protection

Choose cover of up to 75% of your income (to a maximum of $25,000 per month) in case you can’t work due to sickness or injury, helping you to support your family and cover essential living expenses.




Business Expenses

Choose cover up to $25,000 per month in case you can’t work due to sickness or injury, helping you cover the fixed costs of running a business.




We can’t offer personal advice, but we have developed a Life Insurance Calculator to help you determine what types of Life insurance and how much cover you need. By simply answering a few questions, you’ll receive a Free Life Insurance Analysis report that you can use to consider Life insurance products.

Case Study

Meredith and Tony*

Meredith and Tony are both in their early fifties earning $80,000 and $60,000 per year respectively. The couple has two children who have moved out of home and a mortgage of $250,000. They each have Trauma insurance policies worth $150,000.

At the age of 53, Meredith is diagnosed with breast cancer. As a result of her treatment she is unable to work for a period of three months, although doctors believe she will make a full recovery.

Meredith’s Trauma insurance policy pays her $150,000, which allows the family to meet the excess medical expenses of treatment, as well as allowing Tony to take some extended leave from work to care for his wife, knowing that ongoing mortgage repayments and other household bills will be covered.

*Please note that while these case studies are real, names have been changed for privacy purposes.

*Please note that while these case studies are real, names have been changed for privacy purposes.

2015 Client Survey Results


Applying for cover

How does a Trauma insurance policy work?

Trauma insurance can be purchased as an optional extra when you take out Life insurance or as a stand-alone policy.

Trauma insurance pays a benefit if you’re diagnosed with a specific critical illness that’s covered by your policy. You can spend this money on whatever you like – medical bills, rehabilitation, your mortgage, even an overseas trip.

Your level of cover is usually limited to an amount less than or equal to the Life insurance you have purchased to a maximum of $2 million.

Can you buy Trauma insurance on its own?

Trauma insurance can either be purchased as an optional extra with your Life cover or as a stand-alone cover through NobleOak. Where Trauma insurance is taken with Life insurance, any claim paid will reduce the remaining Life insurance cover amount (and TPD insurance cover amount if also taken) by the amount of the Trauma benefit paid.

For stand-alone Trauma insurance, any claim paid will have no impact on any other insurance cover you hold with NobleOak.

How much Trauma insurance do I need?

The comprehensive way to determine how much Trauma insurance you need is to estimate how much you believe you would need to pay for any out-of-pocket medical costs, and to help your family survive financially.

When deciding if you need Trauma insurance, think about:

  • Your level of private health insurance
  • Other types of entitlements or insurance you have, such as from your employer or through your super fund (e.g. TPD insurance or Income Protection)
  • How much income you and your family will need to live if you can’t work for a while.

Our Life Insurance Calculator can help you estimate how much of each type of Life insurance cover you need.

When should I review my Life and Trauma insurance needs?

It’s important to review your Life and Trauma insurance needs as your circumstances change. Without adequate Life insurance, your death, illness or disablement could spell financial disaster for you and your family and could severely impact their future plans and aspirations.

Many clients review their insurance needs every one to two years, or if they have experienced a significant life event, such as a marriage, birth, house purchase, or growing children.

About NobleOak

Why haven’t I heard about NobleOak before?

NobleOak is an independent Australian Life insurer established in 1877. We were formally known as the Druids Friendly Society of NSW.

You haven’t seen us on TV, because we don’t spend money on broad public advertising or mass marketing. We also minimise third-party commissions (to financial advisers) which helps keep our premiums very affordable for our clients. We rely heavily on our alliance partners and word of mouth to promote our products and services. Our products are backed by a top 3 global reinsurer, Hannover Life Re, for extra security.

Why are your premiums so low?

We are able to provide lower premiums than comparable competitor products as we don’t spend a lot of money on mass advertising and we do not pay high upfront commissions to advisers. We are able to pass savings on to our clients and members through lower premiums.

Applying for cover

What information do I need to obtain a quote?

It’s easy to obtain a Life Insurance quote from NobleOak. For each person who needs cover we require their name, date of birth, gender, smoking status, the type of cover they wish to take out, and the amount of cover they require.

We’ll need your contact details too so we can send your quote to you.

Obtain a quote

How long does the application process take?

It takes around 15 to 20 minutes on average to complete the application.

The application assessment time can vary depending on whether any medical or other information is required. These requirements may include a medical report from your doctor or, for very high levels of cover, short-form medical exams and blood tests. These requirements will be arranged at our cost.

When further requirements are necessary the process to finalise our underwriting decision may take between 10 and 20 working days, depending on how quickly the doctors can provide their reports to us.

What details can I provide to assist with my application for cover?

If you can provide copies of any of your recent medical records, blood test results and details of any prescription medicines you are taking this will speed up the application and assessment process.

Many clients are able to answer all of the questions in our application with no additional requirements necessary.

How can I set up new cover with NobleOak?

It’s very easy. Simply call NobleOak on 1300 041 494. One of our Australia-based Life insurance specialists can provide you with a quote and then take you through our step-by-step process to complete the application over the phone. We can arrange an appointment at a time convenient for you and even complete the application for you.

Our Underwriters at NobleOak will then assess the application. We will keep you up to date with progress and confirm with you when your cover is approved. We can start the cover immediately when our approval is confirmed.

We are proud of the service we provide and pleased that this was recognised by a Plan for Life industry award for Customer Service in 2015.

Am I committed to take out the cover following the interview or application?

No, there is no obligation on you to take the policy out following the application. The application process is to qualify you for the cover you have selected.

However, as we may be accessing medical records during this process, at NobleOak’s cost, it is important that you seriously consider the cover we have assessed for you.

There is also a 30 day cooling off period once the policy has been activated.

Can NobleOak perform pre-assessments?

Yes we can. One of our Underwriters will be able to provide a pre-assessment on the same day you enquire to confirm the likely terms we can offer you. However, if we require more detailed medical information the final assessment may be different to the pre-assessment.

How long is my discount valid for?

When purchasing NobleOak cover directly through NobleOak or through one of our trusted alliance partners, a discount to our retail rates often applies. The discount you receive today is valid throughout the life of the policy. Depending on how you heard about us, we will always include the applicable discount in your future renewal premiums. You save every year you renew your policy!

About our products

What is Premium Life Direct Insurance?

Premium Life Direct is a Life and Income Protection insurance product that offer a level of comprehensive cover normally only offered through financial advisers directly to you through NobleOak.

It’s designed for clients who want to buy comprehensive Life insurance directly, without a financial adviser being involved, or who require a high level of cover. Buying Premium Life Direct from NobleOak gives you control and saves you money.

Unlike other direct Life insurance products, Premium Life Direct offers high levels of comprehensive cover, with up to $15 million for Life and up to $5 million for TPD (Total and Permanent Disability) insurance. You can also add Trauma insurance to your Life insurance policy. Income Protection and Business Expenses insurance are also available.

What is My Protection Plan Life Insurance?

My Protection Plan is a Life and Income Protection insurance product that offers comprehensive cover to clients through NobleOak alliance partners and financial advisers.

It’s designed for people who want to buy comprehensive cover or require a high level of cover, with lower premiums and great personal service. My Protection Plan saves you money, each and every year for the life of your cover.

My Protection Plan provides cover up to $15 million for Life and up to $5 million for Total and Permanent Disability insurance (TPD). You can also add Trauma insurance, Income Protection insurance and Business Expenses insurance if required. You will only pay for the cover that you need.

Can I add Income Protection to my cover?

Of course you can. Our products are comprehensive and you can add other covers to your policy. Please call us on 1300 551 044 or email us at to obtain a quote for any additional cover and we’ll outline any further requirements we need to commence the assessment process.

How much will my premiums increase each year?

Like most Life and Trauma insurance sold in Australia, our products are stepped premium products. This means the premiums will increase each year due to your age increasing and CPI (inflation). This helps ensure your level of cover remains relevant by guarding you against inflation. You do have the option to stop the indexation of your cover if you prefer.

Can I take out a NobleOak policy through my adviser? Does it cost less if I go direct to NobleOak?

It’s generally more cost-effective to purchase a policy directly with NobleOak.

Most advisers charge an upfront commission for the service they provide. Commissions are generally built into the premium you pay NobleOak.

When buying directly from NobleOak no personal advice is provided so we can discount the premium for you.

Commonly an adviser will receive around 110% of the first year premium as “upfront commission”, plus 10% of ongoing premiums as a fee NobleOak does not offer this upfront fee structure, and our premiums are normally lower than comparative products even if purchased through an adviser. NobleOak pays a maximum of 30% of annual premiums to advisers to account for the personal advice they give to you.

If you’re confident that you don’t need personal advice regarding life insurance then buying directly from NobleOak can save you money, not just in the short term but for the life of the policy.

I want my spouse covered - can I set this up too?

Yes, we can also set up cover for your spouse. We can provide the quote for them to you. Your spouse will then need to speak with the NobleOak representative to complete their application.

If your spouse isn’t immediately available, we can call them at a suitable time. All we need is their name, phone number and the best time to call. Please call us on 1300 551 044 or email us at

Are my premiums tax deductible?

While we can’t provide personal or taxation advice, Life Insurance and Trauma insurance premiums are generally not tax-deductible.

Income Protection insurance premiums are generally tax-deductible and the benefits are tax-assessable.

There can be tax advantages in arranging Life and TPD insurance within a SMSF (Self Managed Super Fund). However, Trauma insurance is not able to be purchased within an SMSF.

As everyone’s situation is different, please speak to your accountant or adviser about your requirements and situation to be sure.

About claims

How long will my Life or Trauma claim take to pay?

NobleOak aims to review and pay all claims quickly and efficiently. We assign a dedicated claims consultant to each claim to ensure the process is smooth and hassle free.

We aim to make payment within 5 business days after receiving all the required documentation and approval of the claim.

Are there any pre-existing condition exclusions in my policy that could effect a claim?

No, all NobleOak applications are fully underwritten at the time you take-out the policy.

This process provides additional peace of mind to you and your family. As long as you fully and correctly disclose your medical history and other details in the application your claim will be assessed based on this information and processed efficiently.

Your Trauma insurance policy includes only two standard exclusions:

  1. Intentional self-injury in the first 13 months of the policy commencing, and
  2. A 90 day exclusion period applies to 10 of the 38 listed medical conditions including the four most common medical conditions). This means that we will not pay a claim if the medical condition occurs in the first 90 days of the policy starting.

How do I know NobleOak will be around when its time to claim?

Like every other Life insurance company in Australia, NobleOak is regulated by APRA (The Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority) and subject to stringent capital and reserving requirements to protect our members. These protections help ensure we remain stable and able to pay out all claims.

We are one of Australia’s most established insurers, and have been operating in Australia since 1887.

Our products are also backed by a top 3 global reinsurer, Hannover Re, to provide extra security. Hannover Re paid out more than $6 billion in claims and related expenses for life and health insurance worldwide in 2013.

You can therefore enjoy peace of mind when covered by NobleOak.

Obtain an obligation free quote or apply – call 1300 041 494

What do our clients think?

Images have been changed for privacy reasons.

“Very helpful in the whole process of finding better Life Insurance and TPD than the policy I had.”

David R.
(July 2016)


“Having NobleOak recommended to me, I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to make an application over the phone. My husband and I saved an amazing $600 per year compared to our similar policy with another company.”

Vivian S.
(August 2016)


“Very helpful and to the point.”

Kerri B.
(September 2016)


“I called Noble Oak because of their high rating on Canstar and was not let down.  Initially I was impressed by the fact that they are a Friendly Society.  Their customer service is excellent, and to top if off they also saved me about $300 per annum…  One happy customer.”

Beka S.
(July 2016)


“Very polite & professional. Support from beginning to end was excellent. Outcome was successful.”

Muriel O.
(September 2016)


“I completed my application for Life Insurance on the phone. The Premium was very reasonable. I did tell my family about NobleOak and my sister and her husband have changed to NobleOak.”

Christine S.
(September 2016)


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