NobleOak’s Trauma insurance (also known as ‘Critical Illness cover’ or ‘Recovery insurance’) can help to protect you financially against a number of serious medical conditions. NobleOak offers Trauma insurance as either an optional extra to an existing Life insurance policy or as a stand-alone policy.

Importantly, Trauma insurance can pay a lump sum of up to $2 million that can be used to reduce debts, pay out-of-pocket medical expenses and allow you or your partner to take time off work.

Trauma insurance takes the financial pressure off so you can focus on your recovery.

What Trauma events are covered?

Trauma insurance covers the four most common critical medical conditions – cancer, heart attack, stroke and coronary bypass surgery – plus an additional 34 critical conditions.

Benefits are paid regardless of whether your condition can be successfully treated, and regardless of whether you’re able to work.

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Why choose NobleOak Trauma cover?

Flexible payment options

Worldwide cover



30 day money
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About NobleOak Trauma insurance

Trauma insurance for your financial security

Up to $2 million in cover paid as a lump sum.

Includes cover for the ‘big 4’ most common medical conditions (accounting for over 90% of trauma claims paid) plus 34 additional conditions.

Fully underwritten. We assess your health upfront so you know exactly what you’re covered for.

Cover renewable until age 70.

Backed by a leading global re-insurer, Hannover LifeRe.

A dedicated local claims specialist to look after your claims.

We pride ourselves on having paid 100% of all genuine claims.

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You need to be an Australian resident aged between 18 and 59  to apply for Trauma cover.

Covers available:

Type of

What you are covered for

age at entry

age at entry

expiry age

Life insurance

Choose up to $15m cover in case you die or become terminally ill, helping clear your debts and support your family.




Total and Permanent Disability
(TPD) insurance (Optional)

Choose up to $5m cover in case you’re never able to work again because of sickness or injury, helping you modify your home, replace lost income and clear debts.




Trauma insurance
(Optional with Life cover or as a stand-alone cover)

Choose up to $2m cover in case you suffer a serious listed medical condition, helping you pay for your treatment and support your lifestyle whilst you recover.




Income Protection

Choose cover of up to 75% of your income (to a maximum of $25,000 per month) in case you can’t work due to sickness or injury, helping you to support your family and cover essential living expenses.




Business Expenses

Choose cover up to $25,000 per month in case you can’t work due to sickness or injury, helping you cover the fixed costs of running a business.




We can’t offer personal advice, but we have developed a Life Insurance Calculator to help you determine what types of Life insurance and how much cover you need. By simply answering a few questions, you’ll receive a Free Life Insurance Analysis report that you can use to consider Life insurance products.

Case Study

Meredith and Tony*

Meredith and Tony are both in their early fifties earning $80,000 and $60,000 per year respectively. The couple has two children who have moved out of home and a mortgage of $250,000. They each have Trauma insurance policies worth $150,000.

At the age of 53, Meredith is diagnosed with breast cancer. As a result of her treatment she is unable to work for a period of three months, although doctors believe she will make a full recovery.

Meredith’s Trauma insurance policy pays her $150,000, which allows the family to meet the excess medical expenses of treatment, as well as allowing Tony to take some extended leave from work to care for his wife, knowing that ongoing mortgage repayments and other household bills will be covered.

*Please note that while these case studies are real, names have been changed for privacy purposes.

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Applying for cover

How does a Trauma insurance policy work?

Trauma insurance can be purchased as an optional extra when you take out Life insurance or as a stand-alone policy.

Trauma insurance pays a benefit if you’re diagnosed with a specific critical illness that’s covered by your policy. You can spend this money on whatever you like – medical bills, rehabilitation, your mortgage.

Can you buy Trauma insurance on its own?

Trauma insurance can either be purchased as an optional extra with your Life cover or as a stand-alone cover through NobleOak. Where Trauma insurance is taken with Life insurance, any claim paid will reduce the remaining Life insurance cover amount (and TPD insurance cover amount if also taken) by the amount of the Trauma benefit paid.

For stand-alone Trauma insurance, any claim paid will have no impact on any other insurance cover you hold with NobleOak.

How much Trauma insurance do I need?

The comprehensive way to determine how much Trauma insurance you need is to estimate how much you believe you would need to pay for any out-of-pocket medical costs, and to help your family survive financially.

When deciding if you need Trauma insurance, think about:

  • Your level of Private Health insurance
  • Other types of entitlements or insurance you have, such as from your employer or through your super fund (e.g. TPD insurance or Income Protection)
  • How much income you and your family would need if you can’t work for a while.

Our Life Insurance Calculator can help you estimate how much of each type of Life insurance cover you need.

When should I review my Life and Trauma insurance needs?

It’s important to review your Life and Trauma insurance needs as your circumstances change. Without adequate Life insurance, your death, illness or disablement could spell financial disaster for you and your family and could severely impact their future plans and aspirations.

Many clients review their insurance needs every one to two years, or if they  experience a significant life event, such as a marriage, birth, house purchase, or growing children.

How can I reduce the cost of Trauma cover?

Here are a few options to consider:

  • Opt for the premium freeze benefit, provided with NobleOak Trauma insurance. This means that you can fix the cost of your cover at any time. Your future premiums will be fixed at the amount you were paying on the date of notification and each year your cover amount will be adjusted to the amount of cover that can be purchased for the frozen premium.
  • Reduce your cover amount if circumstances change. Trauma cover payments can be used to help reduce debts, pay out of pocket medical expenses and allow you to take time off work so you can focus on your recovery. Reducing the sum insured may be an option if you find that your financial obligations have decreased as you have cleared your debts, or your children have become financially independent.
  • Have it linked in with your NobleOak Life insurance cover rather than as stand-alone cover. If your Trauma cover is linked with your NobleOak Life insurance and you make a claim, your Life insurance sum insured will be reduced by the amount of your Trauma payment. If you elect to have the stand alone Trauma cover option there is no affect on the  sum insured of your Life insurance cover in the event of a claim.

Will I need to do a medical test?

Generally, there are no mandatory medical requirements when applying for NobleOak Life insurance. However, this is dependent on your age, the sum insured that you are applying for and also your medical history. If medical details are required these are all organised and paid by NobleOak.

Am I covered if I am overseas?

NobleOak offers worldwide coverage, however travel exclusions may apply based on your individual circumstances; this will be determined during the initial application process.

At what age can I apply for Trauma cover?

You can apply for NobleOak Trauma insurance from the age of 18 up to the age of 59. Please note that the expiry age for NobleOak Trauma insurance is 70.

More Frequently Asked Questions

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Trauma insurance

Available with Life insurance or stand-alone.

Trauma Insurance helps you cover debts, like a mortgage or any gap in medical expenses, if a significant medical condition or trauma were to occur. NobleOak provides up to $2 million in cover paid as a lump sum.

Trauma insurance conditions

NobleOak’s Trauma Insurance includes coverage for the 4 most common serious medical conditions as well as 34 additional serious medical conditions. The 4 most common serious medical conditions are Heart Attack, Stroke, Cancer and Coronary Bypass Surgery. These account for over 90% of Trauma claims.

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“Great customer service and fast turn-around time.”

Khapil N.
(March 2017)

“They were a pleasure to deal with. Efficient and personable and kept me in the loop all the way along the process.”

Pamela H.
(March 2017)

“It was so easily set up – a phone call going through details and another to confirm !”

Michele Y.
(March 2017)

“Very friendly empathetic knowledgeable staff. Thank you so much.”

Lee V. B.
(January 2017)

“Professional, helpful and honest. Made the whole process very simple.”

Danielle M.
(January 2017)

“They did a smooth transition from changing our Life cover.”

Susana K.
(January 2017)

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