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The Claims process

As a guide, the claims process generally works like this:

Step 1. A claim form will need to be completed

These forms vary in detail depending on the type of claim. We’ll provide a claim form for completion to either yourself in the event of a Disability or Trauma claim, or to your family representative in the event of a Death claim.

We’ll also provide details regarding any additional documentation we will need to assess the claim. These details also vary depending on the type of claim. For example, for Income Protection Insurance claims, we will require medical evidence to confirm your condition and also financial details so we can confirm your Pre-Disability Income. The sooner we receive all the details we need, the sooner we can assess and pay a claim.

Step 2. We assess the claim

We’ll review the claim form and other documentation to ensure the eligibility for a claim payment under the terms of the policy. How long this takes depends on the type of claim and the circumstances involved, but we always endeavour to make this process as efficient as possible.

Our team will always keep either yourself or your family representative updated on the progress of the claim and we will always make immediate contact if we need any additional information.

Step 3. We confirm the outcome

When each claim has been fully assessed and approved, we ensure payments are made quickly. We generally pay claims directly into a designated account (either your own account for Disability or Trauma claims, or the account confirmed by your family or Estate representative in the event of a death claim). All claims are paid in Australian dollars.

Our claims philosophy is built on our fundamental desire to ‘Be Noble’ at all times.

We have a long history of looking after our clients

When you make a claim with NobleOak, you can be confident knowing:

  • Your application was reviewed by experienced underwriters when you applied, so you know exactly what you are covered for.
  • You or your family will be dealing with a dedicated claim consultant from beginning to end.
  • Your friendly and experienced claims team is based here in Australia.
  • Our products are backed by leading global re-insurer Hannover Re. In 2016, Hannover Life Re paid out globally over $7.7 billion^ for Life and Health Insurance claims (and related expenses).

What our clients say

“It has been so good to have not had any difficulties regarding the claim during this stressful time. We would both like to thank you for your efficient and caring manner undetaken by NobleOak.”
(Claim paid in July 2017)

“Thank you so much for finalising this for us, very much appreciated and will now allow us to make her final time with us as pleasurable as possible under the circumstances.”
(Claim paid in March 2017)

“With all the hard luck stories about Insurance companies dragging out claims, my fears were allayed with my claim being paid out within 5 weeks of submission. Thank you NobleOak.”
(Claim paid in September 2016)

“Working with the NobleOak claims department has been exceptionally easy, as the claim was paid very fast and the communication between myself and the claims manager was seamless.”
(Claim paid in May 2016)

“I am writing to express my gratitude for the professional and compassionate manner in which my recent Life insurance claim was handled by NobleOak staff following the unexpected passing of my husband.”
(Claim paid in July 2015)

“My claims specialist was readily available to patiently answer any questions I had during the claim process. I appreciate the professionalism and sensitivity shown by NobleOak in what has been a very difficult time for me.”
(Claim paid in July 2015)