NobleOak remain committed to our clients during this uncertain time and we’re proud take part in the FSC COVID-19 initiative to support frontline healthcare workers

NobleOak remain committed to our clients during this uncertain time and we’re proud take part in the FSC COVID-19 initiative to support frontline healthcare workers

What You Need to Know About Death Insurance

What happens if you can’t take care of your family anymore? How can you prepare for something worse than permanent injury? Death insurance can help offer a solution to potential problems down the road. The term ​‘death insurance’ isn’t as common as the term ’Life Cover’ or ‘Life Insurance’. It sees less use, yet its … Continued

How do I Apply for Life Insurance?

Applying for Life Insurance can be a very important life step. This is because you are choosing a degree of financial protection for your loved ones in case you die or are diagnosed with a terminal illness. Working out how much cover you might need isn’t complicated, but it does take time and thought, and … Continued

Healthy Life Choices That Can Lower Life Insurance Costs

The state of your health impacts on life insurance premiums. Find out how you could influence Life Insurance costs by living healthy. Life Insurance premiums can seem too expensive for many people, and those that choose not to get Life Insurance often make that decision based on the premium. However, there are two mistakes people … Continued

Life Insurance for Families

Each family differs, but it’s fair to say there is one common similarity. The wish for financial security. Protecting loved ones, if either parent were to pass away, is an important consideration when planning for your family’s financial security. Unfortunately, many Australian families are underinsured, or not insured at all, which could lead to a … Continued

Life insurance and happiness – is there a connection?

Have you put off buying life insurance, perhaps because you think it isn’t affordable or it’s too time-consuming to find the right policies? You’re not alone. Research commissioned by NobleOak and conducted by PureProfile reveals that nearly half of Australians do not have any life insurance products, such as term life insurance or income protection … Continued

4 Mistakes to Avoid When Taking Out Life Insurance

Buying adequate Life Insurance can be a significant decision for anyone. Take steps to make sure it’s well worth your money by preventing these common mistakes. A lot of people believe that getting Life Insurance is not worth it. While that’s generally a mistaken belief, one could argue that it could indeed be the case. … Continued

Work-life balance – does it exist in the new COVID-19 world?

How to create better balance between work and life in the new COVID world Life in the new COVID-normal world presents both challenges and opportunities to managing stress and work-life balance. Recent research commissioned by NobleOak revealed that 30% of people spent more time working from home in 2021 due to Covid-19 compared to 28% … Continued

Life Insurance and Trees – What’s the Connection?

On Monday March 21, 2022 NobleOak is celebrating the International Day of Forests. Why? Because we all know trees are good for the planet. Not only do forests act as the ‘lungs of the earth’ by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen into the atmosphere, trees provide shelter and food for animals, birds and insects … Continued

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