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Careers That Could Have You Earning The Big Dollars By 30

06 Jun 2018

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Careers That Will Have You Earning The Big Dollars By 30

We crave the days when we have this adulting thing down pat, and yes, this does include financial stability in a career we actually enjoy (if such a thing exists). And while we love a good old bowl of ramen, or a classic cup-of-soup, being able to earn enough to afford all the nice things is an ideal we all aspire to. So in order to help achieve this, here are some of the careers that will have you earning the big dollars by the time you’re 30.


Has your friend ever agreed to go out on a Tuesday after you’ve made many convincing points as to how it would ‘benefit’ them? Even though we all know nothing good ever comes out of a Tuesday rager? Well, sales might be right up your alley. From corporate selling, to real estate, advertising or even car sales, it comes down to persuasion. Not only that but being a good salesperson is a generally good career trait and can be applied across industry. You may have a no-frills base salary, but adding commission can take you well over six-figures.


If you’re a natural born problem solver with a love for design, engineering might be a way for you to make a pretty penny. Yes, you have to be pretty great at math, but if you’re a good problem solver, chances are you don’t mind a bit of algebra. More often than not, you’re able to earn a decent salary after graduation (no more living on Mi Goreng). And if planning out a well-structured bridge isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other industry gigs that could tickle your fancy. From aerospace engineering, to mechanical and electrical, there is no shortage at all. And the real beauty of the situation is a lot of engineering jobs are through government bodies.


No business can survive or reach its full potential without someone driving the marketing, cue your awesome self. If you’re less about the numbers, and more into creativity, project management, and social media, then a cheeky career in marketing might be a perfect fit. There is certainly no shortage in marketing roles, and if you have the drive to work your way up the corporate ladder, marketing gigs can pay very handsomely. The profession is also broad enough that you’ll be able to market something that really interests you on a range of different platforms.

Software Development

As the need for faster (and more powerful) technology increases within large businesses, so does the need for developers to make this happen. The startup world is also booming in Oz, and if you’re known for your tech prowess, you may be sitting on a bit of a cash cow. From app coding, to web development, being capable with software is a sure fire win-win. What’s handy is that you might be able to juggle a few projects at once as a freelancer or consultant. And if you do have the skills, there are jobs at huge companies awaiting you.


And of course there is the modern business leader and creator, the much-heard about and maligned, entrepreneur. We’re in a heavy risk, huge reward area here, and it’s pretty important to have strong determination and a good support network around you. Whether you go it alone, bring on a team or collaborate with a Co-Founder, it’s more a way of life than a job itself. But buyer beware, you’re going to need to be a bit of an all-rounder. You’ll need some marketing abilities, a bit of business prowess, and maybe even some software skills. But if you’ve got the concept and drive, you could soon be making the big bucks, and loving your job too.

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