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Why I like working at NobleOak

Welcome to NobleOak’s new video. Today’s episode will cover what it’s like to part of the NobleOak team, and how we offer such a rewarding working environment.

It might surprise you to know that 12.6 million people are employed in Australia with a participation rate of 65.6%. If you are one of the 12 million+ people who do work, it might also surprise you to know that you’ll spend just over 13 years of your life at work.

Given the amount of time we will spend at work over our lifetimes, it’s little wonder there is such a focus on ensuring employees enjoy the work they do and believe in the products and services they offer. Most of us want to make a positive difference when we go to work. We want to be inspired and create an environment of loyalty, commitment, passion and enthusiasm and in doing so, create a positive working environment.

Employee engagement is a reflection of how happy and motivated people are at work. This includes employee satisfaction, motivation, goal achievement and the level of positive employee morale in the workplace.

How engaged and satisfied we are with our work and the company we work for, depends on the type of work we do, our co-workers, available resources and the culture of the company we work for.

Working in the Life Insurance industry is not for everyone and at NobleOak we recruit people who believe in the power of protecting Australians, and understand how important empathy is when dealing with customers and each other.  They also understand how to deliver exceptional customer service. Our culture is underpinned by our four values of Nobility, Simplicity, Adaptability, and Delivery, and our heritage dates back 140 years to the Ancient Order of Druids and their central tenet of Integrity.

At NobleOak, we foster an environment of teamwork and collaboration with a focus on our customers. To ensure our people felt motivated and engaged we asked one question: “What do you like about working at NobleOak?” The responses range from being inspired to do great things and working with passionate people to being able to genuinely do the right thing by our customers.

Please view our video to learn more about why working at NobleOak is so rewarding.